Comic Book Review: Silver Surfer: Requiem

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Score: 7.5/10

Silver Surfer: Requiem is a nice little miniseries that tells a what if story: what if the Silver Surfer was dying? It’s written by the titular J. Michael Straczynski.

The Silver Surfer has discovered that he is dying. As such, he has decided to take a trip around his adopted home world of Earth and visit some of his friends and most well known superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

This book is a basically a character exploration of Silver Surfer. It goes into his history and who his character is. It also is a brief character exploration of the heroes the surfer runs into and how they behave around the surfer.

The biggest attraction of this book is the art. The art is beautiful. It’s not Alex Ross, but it looks a lot like his hand painted style.

Overall, this is a fantastic little series that explores the Silver Surfer as well as the Marvel universe.

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