Comic Book Review: Vision

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Score: 7.8/10

Vision is one of the most revered comic books in recent memory. Lots of people call it a masterpiece. I think it even won and Eisner Award, which is like the Oscars for comic books. After finally reading through it, I can see why they’d say that.

Vision is a sentient robot who has long been a member of the Avengers. Vision decides that he wants to try to fit in and half a life, so he builds a family of sentient robots like himself. He builds a robot wife and two teenage robot children. They move to suburban Virginia, outside Washington D.C. and try to fit in and live normal suburban lives. Then thing go horribly wrong.

The most attractive thing about this story is something that I’ve seen elsewhere, in the Fantastic Four, in a few episodes of Doctor Who, and that is to combine the mundane with the very, very weird. Watching the insanity that is a super powered robot try to live an ordinary, boring life is fascinating to watch. Obviously, things are going to go wrong and it is captivating to watch it happen.

I also enjoy the references to Vision’s past. If you have any knowledge of Vision or the history of the Avengers, your knowledge will be rewarded for it. There are also a lot of references to other aspects of the Marvel Universe, which is nice since it makes you feel like this story is connected and not a what-if story or a completely separate tale. This takes place in the main Marvel continuity and has consequences in it.

The art it great and fits the story perfectly.

Overall, this is a great story and a short enough read that it won’t consume a bunch of your time. It’s definitely and adult story, but an interesting one.

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