Movie Review: Steven Universe: The Movie

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Score: 7.5/10

The Steven Universe movie aired on Cartoon Network a while back and it was a musical. This is unsurprising given the show runner’s penchant for music and it was welcome given how much enjoyable music was laced throughout the show.

The story picks up a couple of years after the end of the last season. Steven has saved the universe and returns back to Earth to relax with his friends and family. Suddenly, a new foe appears and threatens the Earth. Now, Steven and the Crystal Gems must defend the Earth from this new threat.

If you were expecting some action oriented plot or some very dark, serious drama, you won’t find that here. Steven Universe: The Movie is standard Steven Universe, except with a higher budget and better production values. Whereas songs throughout the past few seasons were sparsely used, this movie is a full on musical. There are tons of songs and they are about as motivational and emotional as you’d expect from this show.

The main story is simply an opportunity to explore the past of each character even further than we did before and to relive some of our favorite moments from the show. I won’t ruin the plot, but expect a story that explores some deeper emotions and teaches the characters in the show as well as the audience how to handle these emotions.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie and if this is the ending, then this is a fine ending for the Steven Universe series. I look forward to whatever Rebecca Sugar has planned next her fans.

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