Restaurant Review: THEP Thai

Details: Located at 1439 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10021. Official site is

Score: 6.6/10

I don’t know what it is about Thai food and New Yorkers, but New Yorkers love Thai food. Personally, I think the vast majority of Thai food in New York City is only slightly higher in quality and taste versus your lousiest Chinese takeout, except that it’s far more expensive. This place was no different. And yet, there is something trendy about it that keeps attracting impressionable, ignorant New Yorkers to it, again and again and again.

THEP Thai is a trendy, very popular Thai restaurant in the Upper East Side. We came on a weekend night and it was packed. They have some tables inside, some tables outside, and a big, stupid, inconvenient communal table. A communal table is one of the stupidest trends among restaurants. No one wants to share a table with complete strangers unless you want to hit on them. Otherwise, it’s stupid and awkward. There’s always some piece of crap taking too much space and forcing every on else at the table to squeeze together. Just get separate tables stupid.

Anyways, I ordered the lemon grass pork chop for eighteen dollars. The portion was enormous. The taste was mediocre to bad. I’ve had much better pork chop in this style in Flushing and for much cheaper, though the portion is smaller. Part of me wants to say that the food tasted a little leftover. Perhaps they just prepared it bad, but it tasted like they had some leftover pork chop since no one ever orders pork chop here and they just threw it all onto my plate. At least that would explain the huge portion.

The interior was cool looking. The communal table does look cool, but practically, it’s a damn stupid idea.

Service was just okay. Not great. In their defense, this place was packed and they had a lot of people to pay attention to. Still, service was not great.

Overall, I don’t think I’d ever come back of my own volition. If a friend suggested it, then I’d come back and probably ordered a Pad Thai. Not the expensive one on the first couple pages, the cheaper one in the back couple of pages where you can pick your protein. I’d get chicken because its the cheapest.

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