Restaurant Review: Itavolo

Details: Located at 875 Third Avenue, Concourse level, New York, NY 10022. Official site is

Score: 6.4/10

Itavolo is another lunch place primarily catering to office workers in the area. It’s in the bottom level food court inside a building. You can get there from that buildings lobby down an escalator or through an entrance leading into the nearby subway stop.

They got a lot of stuff here. Despite the variety, I unfortunately don’t find they food here that appealing. The food simply isn’t that great. Which is unfortunate because the place is relatively clean and the quality of the food is pretty good. It’s just the recipes aren’t fantastic. I think it’s about ten dollars a pound, as in most places. After 3:00 PM, they discount the buffet stuff by three dollars. Usually it’s a percentage, but they decided to go about it this way.

In addition to the hot buffet, they also have baked goods, sandwiches and pizza. I haven’t tried any of that stuff, but it looked pretty good.

Overall, this place is okay. When I need a little variety, I stop by this place. The food isn’t that good to me, but I can’t argue against the quality.

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