Restaurant Review: The Best Frozen Dumplings In Downtown Flushing Ranked

Dumplings are an interesting food. In Chinese culture, they are culturally significant as they are must eat foods on Chinese New Year. Practically, they are a convenient food that is quick to prepare yet fairly nutritious, at least compared things like cup noodles or instant ramen. I usually keep a bag of frozen dumplings in the fridge in case I need a snack.

The following list is a ranking of dumpling places in Flushing that sell frozen dumplings. I went and purchased a bag of frozen dumplings from each of the following places. I boiled each batch for about seven minutes (normally, you’re supposed to heat the water to a boil, then add a cup of cold water and reboil the water so that you don’t overcook them but I’m too lazy for that crap). I should also mention that I picked these restaurant because these are places that primarily sell dumplings and nothing else. Lots of places sell dumplings, but few places sell dumplings (frozen or cooked) and almost nothing else. Here are the results. I’ll probably add to this list as I eat more frozen dumplings.

Last Place: White Bear

Located at 135-02 Roosevelt Ave, Ste 5, Flushing, NY 11354. Yelp page is

White bear is a famous place that sells spicy wontons. You know it’s more tourist attraction than genuinely good insider secret when there are more non-Chinese people coming in the restaurant than Chinese people. In comparison to other dumpling places, the frozen dumplings here sucks. The dumplings are substantially smaller than your average dumpling. The standard leek and pork dumplings cost eighteen dollars, making it the most expensive price for frozen dumplings yet. The taste is okay, but the higher price and the deliberately smaller portion size means that you should avoid this place for frozen dumplings.

Fourth Place: Best North Dumpling Shop

Located at 41-42A Main St, Flushing, NY 11355. Yelp page is

The main problem with these dumplings is that they all taste a little like soup dumplings that have popped. Most dumpling are great because they contain and retain all the goodness inside. These just taste flat. Whoever wrapped the batch I purchased did a crap job. The specific batch I purchased from this place also made me a little sick every time I ate their dumplings. I purchased the leek and “aquatic food” dumpling, which costs the same as the default pork and cabbage dumpling at $16. These really weren’t great, which is strange since its Yelp page has a ton of glowing reviews.

Third Place: Fried Dumpling Jie Jie Sheng

Located at 40-04 Union St, Flushing, NY 11354. Yelp page is

This place primarily sells fried dumplings that they sell on the premises, but they also sell frozen ones, too. The frozen dumplings are not great, but at $6.50 for thirty, the comparatively lower price more than makes up for that lack of taste. I bought the leek and pork dumplings, which were fine. It should be mentioned that these dumplings are not the same as the fried dumplings they make and sell in-house. The frozen dumplings have thicker skin.

Second Place: Tian Jin Dumpling House

Located at 41-28 Main St, Flushing, NY 11355. Yelp page is

This place is pretty good and likely the most famous of all Flushing dumpling places thanks to a visit from Anthony Bourdain. I usually get the three-ingredient dumplings, which are seventeen dollars for fifty dumplings. These are filled with pork, chives (leek and chive are often confused together, but both usually refer to the same ingredient when it comes to dumplings), shrimp and egg. The lowest priced dumplings here are 17, even for dumplings only filled with pork and dill… which confuses me because the three-ingredient dumplings are the same price. The dumplings here are pretty good, but more expensive than Lao Wang Ji.

First Place: Lao Wang Ji

Located at 41-28 Main St., Golden Shopping Mall, Flushing, NY 11355. Yelp page is

This place is interesting because it’s unclear whether the frozen dumplings they sell are the same as the cooked ones they sell in the restaurant. The frozen dumplings are labeled as made from Yin Gong Dumpling. So… no idea. They are good though and the skin is folded differently and thinner. The ones I got were filled with leek and pork. It’s about eleven dollars for a bag of fifty, so the price is great.

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