Restaurant Review: Ming’s Restaurant

Details: Located at 413 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. Official site is

Score: 6.5/10

Ming’s Restaurant is a Chinese takeout place near Hudson Yards.

I ordered the General Tso’s chicken lunch special for about seven to eight dollars. It was pretty crap. Almost inedible really. I then came back to get something from their hot bar.

Every day they cook up eight to ten dishes and sell them. You can buy a small for six dollars for a large for seven dollars. The large comes with a free soda. With that in mind, it is almost never worth it to order a small size. The food in this hot bar was much better than the lunch special. There is also more variety as you can get a rice/noodle dish with two other choices. I think you can get as many choices as you want actually, as long as you can fit them into the box.

There are some seats for eating in. Service is about what you’d expect from Chinese takeout.

Overall, if you come here, you want to get stuff from the hot bar. That stuff is really popular though and sells out quick. It is also only available on weekdays during lunch time.

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