Movie Review: Batman: Hush

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Score: 7/10

Batman: Hush was surprisingly good considering how crappy the past few DC Comics animated movies have been in my opinion. Most amazingly is how the movie offers something new-ish for people already familiar with the comic book.

Batman: Hush takes place in the new, DC animated universe. Most of the newer cartoons movies DC has been putting out belong to this universe. Batman is doing his usual crime fighting stuff when a bullet severs a grappling hook line, sending Batman falling to the ground with serious injuries. Now, Batman must investigate who is behind it and defeat them.

While this movie markets itself as a movie about this new villain, this movie is primarily a romance about Batman and Catwoman. To that extent, it is really successful. I remember reading through Hush when the comic book was originally released and I kind of overlooked how big a part of the story the romance was. In fact, I overlooked much of the story as I was fixated on Jim Lee’s art. It wasn’t a particularly well written story, but Lee’s art can help carry almost any lackluster tale (unless they’re written by Frank Miller).

In any case, this movie does a great job of changing the more stupid things from that story while keeping the things that worked. Watching Batman fight a mind controlled Superman is always fun. The romance between Batman and Catwoman is also welcome. The villain of Hush was always a little far fetched, but they changed enough in this movie about the character to make him at least believable.

Overall, this was a pretty good animated movie. If you’ve never read Hush, but like Batman, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you have read Hush, you are more likely to enjoy this story as it actively plays on your expectations by changing things just enough to keep your attention. As for the things people liked from the comic book, most of those things are kept in this story.

Score: 7/10

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