Restaurant Review: Thai Villa


Details: Located at 5 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Thai Villa is a Thai restaurant that is slightly more upscale than your average Thai restaurant. The most noteworthy part about this place is that the interiors and the food are pretty to look at.

The interior is pretty awesome, though I will say that they cram a ton of people into a small space which lowers the overall awesome of the space.

They sat us in a small area that is part of the upper level. There was another upper level in the back with much more seating. We came on a really hot day so its worth mentioning that their air conditioning is not great and we were sweating through most of the meal.

I ordered the Royal Pad Thai. It’s basically just an ordinary pad thai with some egg wrapped around it. It look pretty enough. It just tasted the same as any pad thai I’ve ever had anywhere. It did cost me around twenty-five dollars, which hurt for a pad thai. Most of the entrees cost around twenty to thirty dollars. I tried a little of what my friends had and they were all pretty good as well, just not extraordinary nor a good justification for their comparatively high price.

Service was good.

Worth mentioning is that I came in on a Saturday afternoon and the wait time for a table was about an hour or more. This place is really popular and tons of people come here, especially during peak hours.

Overall, this place is a good place to show off to friends a fancy looking place for slightly better Thai food.

Score: 7/10

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