Movie Review: Anna

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Score: 7/10

Anna is the latest movie from Luc Besson, whose most famous movies include Leon, The Fifth Element, Lucy and Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets just to name a few. To me, Besson is most notable for taking beautiful women who aren’t that great at acting and making them the protagonist in action movies. I also know him as the director who oversexualized an underage Natalie Portman. Anna continues this tradition by taking an actual international model with debatable acting skills and making her the start of the show. Her performance in the action scenes was pretty good.

Anna is about a Russian spy named Anna. She is a “honey trap,” or an assassin who uses her sexuality to seduce her victims. The movie follows her recruitment to the end of her career as a spy.

The best part of this movie is the action. It’s very well done. I feel like there was a very real increase in movies with technically detailed, realistic fight scenes after John Wick came out. I’m not sure if the fight choreography here is because of John Wick, but there is a resemblance and a realism that keeps the fights grounded, yet brutal. Unfortunately, there is only one big fight scene. Every other action scene only doles out the action in short spurts.

Anna, the protagonist, is played by Sasha Luss, an actual model. She looks like a model. Unfortunately, she also acts like one. That’s not to say she does a bad job, it was just really stilted. Her physical performance in the action was really impressive though. Very reminiscent of stuff from John Wick.

Overall, this was a fun movie that was a little too reminiscent of Lucy. It’s another female protagonist in a bunch of action scenes with very little meaningful plot. To be fair, Besson has never been that good at telling stories. He’s more a world building kind of person with a couple of memorable moments sprinkled in. Anna is definitely another one of those movies that builds a world (the world of Russian spies) with a few memorable moments sprinkled throughout.

Score: 7/10

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