Anime Review: Fire Force

Details: Watched three episodes. More information can be found at and

Score: 6.9/10

Fire Force answers the question, “Can we truly make an anime about anything?” The answer is yes. Fire Force is a shounen anime about fire fighters, but loaded up with all the shounen anime tropes anime fans are familiar with. That means rivals, supernatural superpowers, a big bad boss controlling everything, etc.

Fire Force takes place in Tokyo, but in world where people spontaneously combust. Instead of just dying, they turn into enraged fire demons who want to attack everything around them. To combat them, fire fighters with supernatural fire based abilities were organized. Now these fire fighters risk their lives to defeat these demonized people in hopes of figuring out the source of these calamities and stopping this occurrence altogether.

Fire Force comes from the same creator as Soul Eater, so the art style should be somewhat reminiscent of that. The animation is the strongest part of this show. There are a lot of action scenes and they are all well animated.

The story however, is weak. It’s just everything you’ve come to expect from shounen anime. It’s cookie cutter. By the time I got to the third episode, I was already bored and could tell where this series was going. It’s not that I don’t like shounen anime, I just need it to do something new. There needs to be some twist. Fire Force doesn’t have that.

Overall, this show is pretty, but boring. If you’ve seen shounen anime before, you’ll know what to expect. If you haven’t, then you might enjoy this show.

Score: 6.9/10

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