Anime Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Details: I’m up to episode thirty-seven. More information can be found at and

Score: 8/10

There really is nothing else like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. One of the oldest running franchises, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has inspired, been referenced to and been copied by countless other anime and manga to some extent. It’s one of the most often meme’d things on the internet. Golden Wind continues this tradition by being one of the craziest, most nonsense shows I’ve ever watched. I love this show.

Golden Wind takes place in Italy in the year 2001. The shows stars Giorno, the latest descendant of Joseph Joestar. In this world, there are things known as Stands, which are supernatural powers that some people can get when pierced by a magic arrow (I told you, this is crazy). Giorno, a descendant of one such person, has these powers. Giorno is fed up with the injustice of this world and decides to join the Italian mafia in order to change it. Along the way, he discovers that the organization is filled with people with Stands and in order to defeat the head of the mafia and take over and reform the organization, he must defeat a whole lot of them.

Many memes have been created based on the art style and depiction of characters in this series. Often times, the anime will take the crazier moments from the manga and dial down the craziness. Golden Wind seemingly keeps every single psychotic, overly sexual moment from the manga and puts it into the anime. In fact, it seems like they made the anime moments even crazier. For instance, there was a moment where they were torturing someone by taping their eyes open and allowing sunlight into it while doing a boy band dance. That’s in the anime and it is a lengthy scene. There’s also the scene where Giorno is healing someone and it looks like he’s giving him a blowjob. That’s in the anime, too. There’s a lot of damn crazy here and it is crazy, yet entertaining in that other shows don’t get this crazy.

The story remains a similar structure to past Jojo series. Our protagonists get attacked by someone whose powers they are unfamiliar with. They then spend a few episodes just trying to figure out the enemy’s powers and how they work. Then they come up with a plan to defeat the enemy, often times using their own powers in unexpected ways. These battles are often psychological battles, where one person is trying to outsmart the other person. These battles are often hyper exaggerated with the classic anime tropes of characters constantly gasping and yelling how impossible (masaka!) everything is.

Since many seasons have preceded this one, the complexity of the powers and how they are used is somewhat complicated. We’ve reached the point in this franchise where many powers are more concepts than straightforward abilities like super strength or flight. For instance, Giorno’s powers are the ability to create life, like turning any object into an animal or insect or something. He can also create body parts for people, healing allies who lose their limbs. A consequence of this ability is that a lot of people get their limbs torn off in Golden Wind since Giorno can easily heal it all back up again.

The animation is heavily stylized, but still pretty good. The action scenes are well animated. Again, this is a hyper exaggerated art style where a lot of ridiculous stuff happens. The show does not attempt to be mundane and neither does the art.

Overall, I love this franchise. It definitely unique in its ridiculousness and is the inspiration for many of my favorite memes and anime tropes. If you like crazy Japanese stuff, you need to watch this show.

Score: 8/10

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