Restaurant Review: Ju Shui Yuan Chinese Restaurant

Details: Located at 136-77 41st Ave, Flushing, NY 11355. Official site is

Score: 6/10

I came here with a group friends and the food was mostly good. The only issue is that the environment is loud and rude. There is also a smoking section here, which I’m pretty sure is illegal in New York City.

When we came in, there were few if any tables. The hostess sat us at a table for four even though we were a party of five. They didn’t have enough chairs for some reason so half of us sat on stools. The space was cramped so some of us sat practically in the aisle. People kept bumping us and walking into us throughout the meal.

Other than a young man with ear pods, no one in this restaurant speaks English, just Mandarin Chinese. The menu is in English and has pictures.

We asked if we could move tables, but there was only one other table downstairs and that was a smoking section so we avoided that. I’m almost certain that it is illegal to allow smoking within any restaurants in New York City.

Despite all these flaws, the food here was pretty good. I don’t know the English names of what we ordered nor their individual prices. The web site actually has a menu with all that stuff so check above.

We ordered a cold dish of tripe and sliced beef in hot oil which was likely the best thing we had here. We also had a standard vegetable dish cooked in garlic which was pretty average for a Chinese restaurant. We also had a boneless, spicy fried chicken dish which was just okay. We had a soup, which was a standard Chinese soup that often is accompanied with red vinegar and pepper. We had twice cooked pork and chicken which was pretty good, but about as good as anywhere else.

Lastly, we had the deep fried cumin lamb ribs. These things were amazing as they were freshly fried and covered in deep fried chilies, garlic and a bunch of other things I think. The thing about these ribs is that they were a lot like the ribs from Fu Run, a more famous Flushing restaurant located a few blocks away. That place is known for their cumin ribs, except their growth in popularity has lowered the quality of those ribs. The ribs are a little chewier and some aspects of Fu Run’s ribs taste like leftovers. There was none of that here. These ribs were incredibly hot as they were freshly fried and really fatty. This was great.

For a party of five, a split bill came up to about twenty-two dollars per person including tax and tip.

The worst part of this restaurant is the other customers. There were plenty of loud, drunk, middle aged Chinese people here and we had to deal with their belligerence throughout the entire meal. What you need to know is that the owner of this restaurant was the source of the belligerence. According to my friends who’d been here a couple times, the owner regularly comes to this restaurant with his friends, gets drunks (beer is cheap here btw) and starts shouting and banging the table constantly, which he certainly did while I was here. I imagine that he is likely going to be here on weeknights as well as weekend nights, which makes the noise issue a problem that doesn’t go away. Even if the boss isn’t here, there were plenty of drunk, loud people at every table. You need to keep in mind that beer is cheap here and people (mostly Chinese immigrants) come here to get drunk. That means this place is almost always loud and rowdy.

Overall, the food was good but the environment was crap. I would not come back here of my own volition, especially if I was with someone that mattered to me. At best, I’d order takeout from this place. This is one of those situations where the food is good, but everything else is not. Additionally, this is north east Chinese food, which means that most stuff of the menu (at least the best stuff) is going to be spicy.

Score: 6/10

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