Comic Book Review: Walking Dead #193 (the Final Issue) and Thoughts on the Whole Series

The video below has some spoilers, but they warn you before showing them.

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Score: 7/10 for issue #193, 8/10 for the series as a whole

Much like his past series Invincible, Robert Kirkman has suddenly ended his Walking Dead comic book series, a series that spawned the television show and who knows how much merchandising money. Again, like in Invincible, the Walking Dead comic book has felt stagnant for a while. As a series that depended largely on shock plot twists, this sudden ending at least offers some final surprise to a series that seemed to be dying a slow death.

The story takes a leap into the future so we can get an epilogue view of the world. It’s a mostly stable, peaceful world now due largely to Rick’s efforts. You get a glimpse at where all the remaining characters ended up.

There’s not much to say about this issue except that it’s simply a final goodbye to all the survivors. They get a happy ending, which is nice I guess. However, you can’t really form an opinion about this issue without looking at the series as a whole since this issue is just a last good bye.

For the last few dozen issues, the Walking Dead comic book has been growing increasingly boring. Kirkman fell into a narrative loop where he simply did not know what to do with the series once they formed a formal society. It’s a reminiscent problem that I recognized in Invincible as well. Kirkman seemingly has a bunch of great ideas at first and builds this great world, then the ideas run dry and he just carries on the series just because. Usually, when you run out of ideas for a series, that means you should end it. Like many authors, Kirkman again seemingly falls into the trap of continuing a series past its natural ending in order to continue reaping profit from a successful series.

Overall, I’m glad this series is over before it degraded even further. The Walking Dead comic book has given me some of the most shocking moments I’ve ever read in any comic book. That cannot be overlooked. However, Kirkman has again proven himself to be a writer who cannot write a comic book past one hundred issues. This is a hypothesis, but it seems like he simply doesn’t have the attention span. Add in the enormous amount of money he’s probably makes from the television shows and merchandising and it’s pretty clear Kirkman probably had no time for this series and did not give it the necessary attention.

Score: 7/10 for issue #193, 8/10 for the series as a whole

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