Movie Review: Happy Death Day

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Score: 6.9/10

Happy Death Day is part horror and a large part comedy. Despite ripping of the overused Groundhog Day plot mechanic yet again, Happy Death Day was a fun movie that entertained me.

Happy Death Day focuses on a college student named Tree. Tree is a jerk towards most people in her life. On her way to a party, Tree is horribly murdered only to wake up in the exact place where she woke up that morning. Tree discovers that she is stuck in a time loop where she is horribly killed every day and seeks to discover the identity of her attacker and prevent her own murder.

There is nothing deep about this movie. It just rips off the repeating day idea from Groundhog Day and adds in a bit of horror. Despite the uninspired plot, the movie works. This is largely due to the ample amount of slapstick humor, making the audience guess at who the murderer is and the constant plot twists that occur each time she repeats the day.

The acting is sufficient given the tone of the movie. Jessica Roth’s performance as Tree is really fun and she did a great job keeping the movie interesting.

Overall, this was just a fun movie with a little time travel mystery. It’s a plot that’s been done before and done to death, but this retelling of this plot device was still pretty good.

Score: 6.9/10

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