TV Show Review: Stranger Things, Season 3

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Score: 7/10

I feel like this season of Strangers Things was a lot more fun than the prior seasons. I mean, there was always a bit of fun in the prior seasons, but I feel like this season was a lot more focused and had a lot better pacing. Also, each episode seemingly had something important that dealt with the primary plot line. No episodes with Eleven running off with other powered teenagers in this season. Just some kids fighting a monster. It’s also somewhat easier to sympathize with teenage actors than child actors.

Season three picks up a a few years after season two. The kids are teenagers now, when the monster makes a come back because of some Soviets operating a secret military program. Now, the kids got to fight and beat the monster again.

The story is mostly nonsense, but it’s nonsense in a very nostalgic 1980’s kind of way. As in past seasons, there’s a ton of nostalgia interjected into the story. I’ve disliked this mostly in the past, but for whatever reason, I’m okay with it in this season. I think it’s because there was so much going on in the plot that I actually enjoyed.

I enjoyed the relationships between the kids now, something I didn’t really care about in past seasons. I think it’s because they’re older, their acting is better, and they can handle subject matter that is slightly more mature. There was also a ton of action going on in almost everyone episode.

There was also no real deviation from the primary plot lines and relationships. My only main complaint is that the story is still pretty ridiculous. Monsters from another dimension, Soviet Russians infiltrating America to build an inter dimensional gateway, all these bad guys and monsters being defeated by a bunch of kids. It’s a far fetched, B-movie plot, but there’s some fun to be had here. The teenage, 1980’s drama specifically was fun for me.

Overall, season three has continued the trend of not being awesome television, but good enough. It’s entertaining enough to keep my attention, but outlandish enough to border on fourth wall breaking.

Score: 7/10

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