Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto Online: Diamond Casino DLC

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Score: 6/10

Rockstar has released the latest free downloadable content for their massively profitable Grand Theft Auto Online and it’s mostly fun. Most noteworthy is that there is a new line of story missions associated with the free content (as long as you own Grand Theft Auto V and have an internet connection).

In order to unlock the new content, you need to go buy a penthouse at the new casino. The lowest price for one of the penthouses is $1,500,000 in game dollars. If you have a twitch prime account, I think they’ll give you a free penthouse. It’s annoying, but Grand Theft Auto Online’s penchant for trying to squeeze money out of players through micro transactions is well known.

The are a few story missions, each with fully voiced cut scenes. These are fairly standard missions where you go somewhere and destroy something. The final mission was pretty tough as it primarily a stealth mission and Rockstar has decided to do something stupid for this DLC.

None of the missions in the DLC can be played alone. Further, you cannot progress to the next mission unless you beat the prior mission as THE HOST. Which means that players are constantly dropping in and out of missions in order to try and be the host of their missions in order to be able to progress to the next mission. It’s idiotic.

Otherwise, the missions are mostly fun and can be done in a few hours. However, factor in this mandatory stupidity and the difficulty ramps up for anyone not playing with friends. You’re constantly stuck with some doofus who doesn’t know how to stealth or who just keeps getting themselves because of imptaience or some other stupidty. In actuality, a decent enough single player could finish all these missions. If you add in the lack of coordination associated with teaming up with random people, the missions are in fact needlessly more difficulty than were otherwise.

There’s also a bunch of new items and vehicles. I mostly didn’t bother because I refuse to be a sucked and throw money at micro transactions in this game.

Overall, I had fun with this DLC, but it is stupidly designed. Rockstar needs to grow a brain and figure out what is fun and what is stupid. Through the constant construction of artificial hurdles blocking content, the developers at Rockstar have proven themselves to be idiots, at least in regards to some aspects of game design. The only redeeming factor of this DLC is that it comes free with Grand Theft Auto V.

Score: 6/10

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