Video Game Review: Pokemon Omega Ruby

Details: Beat the game in about twenty-four hours. Spent about three hours going through post game content. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of older games using the graphics and animations from Pokemon X and Y. Strangely enough, the game looks better than X and Y. While I enjoyed Omega Ruby more than I enjoyed X, the many added features do not cover up flaws in the original Ruby and Sapphire that made their way into these remakes as well.

The story is formulaic Pokemon fluff. You play a child who embarks on his Pokemon adventure. You defeat gym leaders to obtain their badges and eventually challenge the Elite Four. Along the way, you’ll fight the evil Team Magma (or Aqua depending on which version of the game you bought) and save the world from a prehistoric threat.

What is nice about this remake is that they add a lot of little story bits that weren’t in the original. These small additions help flesh out the world.

Gameplay retains all of the updates that X and Y added. Unfortunately, a lot of the detriments of the original Ruby and Sapphire are inherited by this remake. For instance, there are like two new fire pokemon, which makes it difficult to find one that appeals to you if you don’t like them. The pacing is improved with the addition of new narrative moments, but it’s still drags. The pacing was a little better in X and Y. There are also some new additional features not present in X and Y, like soaring over the entire map.

The core gameplay is still the mostly boring turn based crap.

Visually, the game looks better than X and Y by a little. I’m happy to see that they went a little less crazy with the camera angles. In X and Y, they did a lot of zooming in and third person camera stuff. All of that gave me motion sickness when I played through it and zooming in only highlighted how crappy and low resolution a device the 3DS is. Omega Ruby sticks to the standard fixed camera angles with some restrained camera moves. The result is a better looking game with no motion sickness for me.

Many if not all move animations are directly imported from X and Y.

Music is okay. It’s just remixed stuff from the original game with a few new tracks. It doesn’t come close to how good the soundtrack in Ultra Sun and Moon were.

Overall, this was a fun game. I have a rule that the only Pokemon game you should play should be the newest one. While this game was fun, this was not fun enough to justify playing when you could go play Ultra Sun and Moon. It wasn’t good enough to justify playing after Ultra Sun and Moon. Compared to modern Pokemon games, this game is outdated and lacks many of the improvements of the new games.

Score: 7/10

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