Fast Food Review: The Crispy Taco at Burger King

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Burger King has decided to dip their toes into the fast food taco industry and the result is trash. Most tacos you get from fast food restaurants are trash, but relatively speaking, Burger King’s tacos are more trash than their competitors. I think what makes it so bad is that the taco I received was premade. It had sat there for a while before I purchased it and I could taste that. Taco Bell at least has figured out that even if you take trash ingredients, if you assemble it at the time of ordering it will at least stay somewhat fresh and crispy rather than a soggy, stale lump. The Burger King taco was a soggy stale lump. Just go to Taco Bell if you want some trash tacos. I will say that for a dollar, the taco is not a catastrophic failure.

Score: 4.6/10

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