Manhwa Review: Tower of God

Details: You can read it here:

Score: 5.9/10

Tower of God is a Korean comic that’s translated on It’s one of their most popular comics. I read through around two hundred issues before giving up on it. Currently, the best drawn Korean web comic I’ve found is Solo Leveling. The art here isn’t amazing and the story is mediocre in that I’ve seen a similar story told countless times before.

Tower of God takes place in a tower where each floor is about the size of it’s own country. People enter the tower in hopes of reaching the top and achieving their dreams. Each floor is run by an administrator and unorthodox tests must be passed before you can reach the next level. The story focuses on a young boy named the 25th Bam. Bam wakes up in the tower and ascends it hoping to find a lost friend.

Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, etc.; there are too many stories where people are forced to pass challenges and fights in order to graduate to the next level. Tower of God is also one of these types of stories. This comic follows all of the shounen tropes, the primary one being the fight between powerful characters in hopes of finding out who’s the strongest. This is a very action oriented comic.

It’s hard to offer a concrete opinion on the art. Sometimes, it’s okay. Other times, it looks pretty crap. It doesn’t even come close to comic like Solo Leveling. It sort of reminds me sketch drawings because the drawn lines aren’t perfected.

Overall, I tried to like this comic, but it’s just too boring. There is a ton of text in some panels and the art isn’t good enough to compensate for the rote story. A lot of people like this comic however, so I’d recommend reading a few chapters first and forming your own opinion.

Score: 6/10

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