Restaurant Review: Peter Luger Steakhouse


Details: Located at 178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Peter Luger Steakhouse is an institution in New York City. It’s been around a long time and set the standard for New York City steakhouses. I came by with muted expectations and got exactly what I expected. Peter Luger is a decent steakhouse with mediocre sides and decent prices considering the product they sell and what their competitors price their steaks at.

The interior of the place is very old fashioned. It looks like a bar from a hundred years ago, Gangs of New York style. The tables are all wooden and this is for good reason. They steaks are served on burning hot plates which would destroy any other table surface.

If you want to come here for dinner, you should expect to have to make a reservation at least a month in advance. I think weekdays are easier, with lunch on weekdays being the easiest time to get a table.

Most of this sides here are not great. The idea of a wedge salad is gross to me. It’s just a wedge of cabbage. Creamed spinach induces a gag reflex in me. It’s a chunky liquid. So for sides, we ordered a salad (I think it was around ten dollars, a couple slice of the bacon (it’s sold for around seven dollars per slice), and the german fried potatoes (I think it cost a little over ten dollars). You also get some complimentary bread.20190607_200653The German fried potatoes are basically diner style home fries. The salad was a salad. The bacon was damn amazing. The only thing that was missing from the bacon was an accompanying sauce. The bacon at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle is about the same, except that it was drenched in this sweet and spicy sauce that easily makes its bacon better than Peter Luger’s. Even still, the bacon was pretty good.

We also got the steak for three and an individual steak for someone who wanted it well done. I’d advise you to get your steak one degree higher than what you want because they under cook it, probably deliberately. For instance, it you want it medium rare, get medium. If you want it rare, get it medium rare. If you want it well done… well they actually get it well done so you can just ask for that.

The pricing for the steaks is about fifty five dollars per person. For example, a steak for one is about sixty something dollars. A steak for three is about one hundred sixty five dollars.

The steak was good. I know they give different cuts based on which size order of steak you get. Since we got the steak for three, we got two T bones. What I really liked is that the steak here actually had a crust to it, yet the center was still satisfyingly pink. Most steak houses, even high end steak houses screw up and don’t make steaks with that satisfying crust. Peter Luger does the crust right.

Service was nice actually. I was expecting them to be rude because that’s kind of what their known for. It’s a deliberately character they portray. No one did that here and everyone was relatively polite.

Overall, this was a nice restaurant to cross off my bucket list, but I don’t think I’d ever come back of my own volition. There are simply too many quality steakhouses and Peter Luger’s steaks aren’t so special that I’d ever want to come back. If anything, Peter Luger serves as a satisfactory benchmark with which to compare all other high end steak houses in New York City.

Score: 7/10

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