Movie Review: Power Rangers

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Score: 7/10

I enjoyed this movie. It’s a fun, kid friendly superhero adventure. It’s not a masterpiece or particularly heavy. It’s just fun.

The movie takes place in some Midwestern small town somewhere. Five troubled teenagers find their way into a quarry and discover jewels that give them superpowers. They later learn the gems are from space and that they must now use their new powers to become Power Rangers and defend the Earth from an extraterrestrial threat.

There’s a lot of call back to the original television show, but what I really liked was the new drama they added. Each kid has some sort of cliched conflict in their lives and, despite the cliched nature of their problems, I still felt those problems helped me feel something for these characters.

The action was okay. It was like a higher budget episode of Power Rangers.

I think what I liked most of in the movie was the teenage drama bits and the parts where they were learning how to use their powers. I always enjoy those kinds of sequences. I enjoyed watching Peter Parker learn to use his powers in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and I enjoyed watching the Power Rangers do it here.

Acting was okay. It’s not that heavy a movie so no Academy Award winnings performances here.

Overall, this was an okay movie that kids will likely enjoy more than adults. I think I would’ve liked it more if they leaned into more of dysfunctional teenager themes, but that would likely incur a higher content rating.

Score: 7/10

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