TV Show Review: Jessica Jones, Season 3

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Score: 7/10

And so, the end to the Netflix-Marvel partnership has unceremoniously arrived. Disney has come out with their own streaming service, which means Netflix has been forced by Disney to shut down all their Disney related shows. Season three of Jessica Jones is the last of these shows. It’s a decent season and a sad farewell to these groundbreaking shows that tried to bring a grittiness to televised superhero fiction.

Jessica Jones picks up where season two left off. Jessica is coming to terms with the sadness at the end of the last season and is back to trying to helping people. As she tries her hand at being a hero, she encounters a serial killer who is seemingly a genius. Now, she must find a way to defeat him.

That synopsis does not do an adequate job describing this season. A lot of stuff happens and I just don’t want to spoil it. Suffice it to say, it’s not all about the serial killer though he does play a big role.

All the standard characters make their return and their story lines are all pretty good. I was most happy to see a cameo from another Netflix superhero, which was short, but welcome considering how all these shows are over.

Overall, this was entertaining. If you enjoyed the Netflix shows at all, this is your last chance to watch anything new from those shows. Season one of Jessica Jones was better, but this was still good. The saddest part of this show to me was that the end of this show means the end of Netflix’s Daredevil as well.

Score: 7/10

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