Anime Review: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Details: I’ve watched twenty-four episodes and the show is currently ongoing. More information can be found at and

Score: 7/10

The Rising of the Shield Hero is yet another isekai anime where the protagonist is transported to a fantasy world where video game rules govern skills and magic. It’s pretty average in most respects, but still enjoyable if you like isekai.

Naofumi is a Japanese high school student who gets transported to a fantasy world as one of four heroes who were also transported from Japan. Their mission is to protect the kingdom from waves of monsters who periodically appear every couple of weeks or so. Naofumi must learn the ways of this new world while trying to master his abilities and fight for his life.

At first, the show tries to be a little grittier than most isekai anime and the protagonist struggles. That soon changes and we fall back into a the isekai formula with a little harem anime thrown in with all the additional female characters.

The art is pretty good. I couldn’t see any noticeable dips in quality throughout the show, which was impressive.

Audio is just okay.

Overall, another decent isekai anime for those who like the genre.

Score: 7/10

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