TV Show Review: Umbrella Academy

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Score: 7/10

Umbrella Academy is a new Netflix series based off a comic book written by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. It’s an entertaining show that does a great job adapting the story by omitting a ton of things from the comic book that would likely never work in a televised series.

Umbrella Academy takes place in the present day and focuses on the six adopted children of an eccentric billionaire. These children were all born from mysterious circumstances and all have superpowers. The billionaire adopted them and trained them to become superheroes. Now grown, they gather together to remember their recently deceased father. Their unusual upbringing scarred each child in psychological ways. This team of super powered individuals must now overcome their problems as a new threat against the world is discovered.

The story is a quirky, meta take on the superhero genre. Similar to Watchmen, Umbrella Academy tries to take a more realistic look to superheroes and powers, portraying them as having a lot of emotional and psychological issues.

With that said, this is a still a fun show with a lot of humor. The source material is really wacky and while this show doesn’t implement all of it, it still has a ton of wacky stuff.

I also enjoyed seeing some of the cast members. Rickon from Game of Thrones is in it as well as Juno and Mary J. Blige. I’ve never seen Mary J. Blige in anything, so it was a treat to see her act. She does an okay job. It’s also been a while since I’ve seen Juno in anything.

Overall, this was a fun, self aware show. Umbrella Academy is a series that is more than aware that the media is saturated with superhero stories at the moment. Instead of telling the same old serious, good guy versus bad guys tale, Umbrella Academy tries to do something wacky, funny, and different. I appreciate the effort.

Score: 7/10


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