Movie Review: Alita: Battle Angel

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Score: 6.4/10

A lot of thoughts hit me as I watched this movie. What were the financiers of this movie thinking when they funded this thing? Were they trying to create a franchise? Given the many special effects used, did they think they could recover the enormous cost associated with a movie like this? Did they even read the source material? What the hell was the director smoking?

In any case, Alita: Battle Angel is a feast for the eyes and a migraine for the brain. The story is nonsensical, but the action and visuals are amazing. With that said, only a fool would finance a sequel to this movie.

Alita: Battle Angel takes place around the year 2500. Humanity has coalesced under a single city that floats in the sky. Elites live in the floating city while everyone else lives under it. This is a world with advanced technology and cyborgs. While a cybernetic doctor is going through a landfill for parts, he discovers the remains of a cyborg that he repairs. And so we explore this new world through the eyes of Alita, a cyborg with no memory of who she was or where she came from.

The strongest parts of this film are the visuals. The special effects and the art direction are fantastic. The action scenes are also well choreographed and fun to watch.

The story is a jumbled mess. Revelations that would be cool if properly paced are a let down because there is simply too much information thrown at the audience too fast. This movie probably would have been better as a television show as that would have allowed better pacing, but that probably wouldn’t have the same budget for visual effects. It’s tough to think about how to fix this movie, but the easiest method would be to simply cut out a ton of the plot points and instead make a tighter story. This film just tries to include too many ideas at once and ends up messing all the plot points up.

Overall, this was a fun movie to watch, but there is no story for the visuals to grasp onto. They try to world-build, but instead of giving any one aspect of the world a time to shine, they simply glaze over all aspects of the world. The end result is a lackluster story that tries to accomplish too much and a lackluster world that the audience doesn’t really care about. It’s still a lackluster world that’s nice to look at though.

Score: 6.4/10

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