TV Show Review: Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2

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Score: 7/10

While I mostly enjoyed this season because I’m a slut for science fiction, this season fell into a deep dark pit of science fiction tropes that I did not appreciate. Stuff like time travel, evil artificial intelligence from the future, and relying on past characters in the franchise (like Spock) instead of trying to tell its own story.

Season two picks up where season one left off. The original Enterprise arrives led by Captain Pike. Pike takes command of Discovery and gives Discovery their new mission: they must investigate some strange signals appearing around the quadrant. This eventually leads to some time traveling shenanigans and a crazy artificial intelligence trying to kill everyone.

It’s some redundant science fiction story telling. I hate time travel. Sentient robots trying to kills all humans has been done before. The only saving grace of this season is the production values.

The special effects look great. The cinematography are also pretty great. Acting is great. Season two of this show is proof that if you throw enough money at an uninspired story, you can make a decent show.

Overall, this season was fine. If you’re looking for some decently produced science fiction, this is it.

Score: 7/10

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