TV Show Review: Game of Thrones, Season Eight

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Score: 7/10

If you’ve been following season eight on the internet, you’d know that a lot of fans have a lot of issues with this final season. I mostly agree. This season felt like the Cliff notes version of Game of Thrones where a lot of plot gets sped through very quickly, turning what would be big revelations into jarring developments. Even still, there is no other show with as much spectacle or as big of a budget as this one. The sped up plot aside, this was still an entertaining season of television.

This season picks up where the last one left off. Daenerys has gone off to Winterfell with John Snow to fight the undead. Cersei is still on the iron throne.

Since there are only six episodes this season, each episode has a ton of plot developments. As said above, the problem with these plot developments is that there are too many too quickly. The pacing is ridiculous. Some of the plot developments and battles could have been the subject of an entire season. Instead, they get only an episode.

The result are plot twists that feel unearned and ingenuous. Especially in the final three episodes where most voices on the internet object the most. There are some twists that could’ve been amazing had they been given more time to develop. Instead, these twists feel cheap and rushed.

Even still, there are some big battles in this season. The scale of these battles and the amount of special effects used are immense. No other show on television has been able to achieve what they’ve achieved here. The budget likely rivals that of many big budgeted action movies.

Overall, this was a rushed, but somewhat satisfying end to Game of Thrones. After eight seasons, I think most people, including the actors as well as the audience, were likely getting fatigued with the whole thing. As a simple audience member, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes at HBO. Considering that, this rushed ending may have been the best outcome to a long and much beloved series. Although, I have no idea how HBO will attempt to maintain the viewership that they achieved with this show.

Score: 7/10

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