Anime Review: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

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Score: 7.2/10

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one the more popular isekai anime series. Isekai refers to an anime genre where the protagonist gets transported to another world. Common tropes are the world being of the fantasy genre, that characters in that world have video-game-like abilities, and that the protagonist is usually substantially more powerful than anyone else in that world. This show checks off all those boxes. If you like the Isekai genre, this show is both predictable and a must watch. The most distinguishing aspects of this show is its lighthearted tone.

Our protagonist is a middle-aged, Japanese office worker who has never had a girlfriend. While having lunch with a coworker, he randomly gets stabbed and dies. Instead of just dying, he gets reincarnated into the body of low level slime monster in a fantasy world of magic and mythical creatures. Through some convenient meetings, the slime gains immense power and goes down the journey to building his own kingdom.

The story is all right. If you wanted suspense or thrills, you won’t get that here. The slime is usually more powerful than all the enemies he fights so there’s little doubt he’s always going to win. There are some heavier emotional moments, but nothing too heavy. It’s just a light show where the viewer isn’t really guessing a lot about whose going to win and what’s going to happen. The slime always wins.

Expect plenty of jokes and some fan service.

Animation is pretty good. Music and voice acting about as good as anything else.

Overall, this is just more isekai fuel for fans of the genre. It doesn’t do anything new, except that the protagonist is a slime instead of a human. If you just want an anime that is familiar, doesn’t have many plot twists nor emotional extremes, this is the show for you.

Score: 7/10

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