Restaurant Review: Delmonico NYC

Details: Located at 375 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017. Official site is

Score: 7/10

Delmonico NYC is a hot lunch buffet place and supermarket that caters mainly to the working crowd during lunchtime. The only thing you really need to know about this place is that the buffet, sushi and soups are half off after 4:00 PM.

The buffet is normally around twelve dollars per pound and the soup is like four dollars for a small. Knowing the 4:00 PM discount, there is really now reason to come here except after 4:00 PM. And there is always a line of people waiting for the clock to strike four. It’s a very popular buffet.

The food itself is great. It’s one of the better hot food/lunch places I’ve ever been to in the city. It reminds me of the Bread and Butter on 55th Street in midtown, but that place has better food at a higher price. The food here is surprisingly good.

Note on the salmon: they have it, but there’s always one person who comes by and scoops it all up for themselves. If  you see the salmon, get some while you can. The soups are also surprisingly good. I got a chowder that was filled with seafood. At half off, a small cup was only two dollars.

There’s also a seating area in case you want to sit down.

Overall, this place is great. The food is good. The discount is relatively cheap. I plan on coming back here many times.

Score: 7/10

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