Restaurant Review: MIGHTY bowl

Details: Located at 817 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10017. Official site is

MIGHTY bowl is a chain of fast casual Asian fusion restaurants. They have a number of premade bowls (shrimp, chicken, beef, standard fast casual ingredients), mostly cooked, but they do have poke.  I opted to make my own.

They don’t offer too many toppings, though you do get some vegetables. I got crispy pork belly over white rice with Chinese broccoli and mushrooms. I also got some of their pickled toppings and the Adobo sauce. The pork belly was kind of hard and hurt my teeth. The Adobo sauce was salty as hell. The specific location I went to had a 10% discount if you paid in cash, application of which lowered my price down to about eleven dollars.

Overall, this place was okay. I think the main problem I had with this place is that the Adobo sauce sucks ass. I think if I ordered some other sauce, I would have enjoyed this place more. Even still, the lack of toppings/sides/extras is disappointing. Other fast casual places have long since learned that throwing in a bunch of cheap toppings onto their fast casual rice bowls makes customers happy.

Score: 6.4/10

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