Video Game Review: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Details: Spent about two hours playing it. Official site is

Score: 5.7/10

Ground Zeroes is one of the most successful scams I’ve ever seen. It is essentially a demo, except that they somehow convinced the weak minded fan base to pay for this thing. This thing should’ve been free, but somehow, fans stupidly gobbled it up. I think it was originally released for somewhere around thirty to even forty dollars. This over-hyped demo does not deserve that price. My score reflects the price I paid for it, which is negligible because it was bundled with Phantom Pain, which in total cost me around ten dollars.

Ground Zeroes picks up sometime after the events of Peacewalker. Snake is infiltrating Guantanamo Bay military base to rescue two kids from that story.

Gameplay is fun. It’s a third person shooter with ample stealth mechanics. Gameplay is thorough and detailed. For example, you can hold enemies in a choke grip, then interrogate them, knock them out, or kill them. There’s a lot of context sensitive stuff going on.

Actually playing through the thing takes about an hour. The other hour was just exploring and messing around, kind of like in the most recent Hitman game. In any case, this is a short experience.

Visually, Ground Zeroes looks great. The music and voice acting are also great. There just isn’t that much of it.

Overall, this “game” should’ve been free. It gives a taste of the story and gameplay of Phantom Pain, which I’ve read also feels incomplete. If you are not a die hard fan and are wondering if you’re missing anything by not playing this, don’t worry. You aren’t missing much of anything that a clip on YouTube won’t solve.

Score: 5.7/10

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