Comic Book Review: The Boys


The above trailer is for the show, not the comic book. This is a review for the comic book.

Details: Written by Garth Ennis. Initially published in 2006. There are seventy-two issues. More information can be found at and

Score: 7/10

The Boys is a very adult series that indulges in constantly showing nudity, sex and graphic violence. The subject matter also lightly touches upon issues such as race, politics, and religion. At its core, this is a raunchy series that seeks to tell a very adult parody of a superhero comic book universe.

The Boys takes place in a world like the DC Universe, except much closer to our reality than the fictional one. In this world, a clandestine group of super powered individuals that police the superhero community by killing, maiming, and blackmailing as many of the “supes” as possible. This is a story about this group.

The Boys is graphically violent and gratuitously sexual. Expect to see guts and brains from people getting punched, eyes gouged out, lots of sex and fellatio, etc. Characters also constantly talk about sex and violence, and occasionally a critique of real life subjects that may or may not offend you depending on which side of the issue you are on.

Underneath all of that (and there is a lot of that) is a story about what happens when all the superheroes turn into corporate shills and the reality is that people are idiots, even after getting super powers. Think about it, a horny ass idiot gets the ability to forcibly have sex with anyone they want will probably rape everything. A psychotic maniac who stumbles onto powers will jump right onto a killing spree. The Boys are the ones who find these guys and put them down, usually in a horrifically gruesome, sexually perverse way.

The art is fine. Artists change obviously, but the art maintains a level of gruesomeness that helps convey the blood and guts constantly flying everywhere.

Overall, this is an adult series for people who like seeing graphic sex and violence. There’s a semi decent “what if?” superhero story here, too, but it’s a little hard to find under all the X-rated stuff.

Score: 7/10


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