Anime Movie Review: My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes

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Score: 6.5/10

Unfortunately, My Hero Academia the Movie is exactly what you’d expect from an anime movie. It is a completely self contained side story with lots of yelling and the main characters shouting out their signature moves. This is disappointing because anime movies like Dragon Ball Z: Broly actually tell stories that have consequences for the shows that they are based on. By not linking the movie’s plot with the show, you tell a story that ultimately has no consequences and does not matter.

My Hero Academia takes place in world of super heroes and villains. Midoriya is a student and inheritor of One for All, an inheritable super power originally belonging to the world’s greatest superhero, All Might. The two take a vacation and travel to a floating city. Suddenly, villains attack and take everyone hostage. Now, Midoriya and his super powered classmates (who also just happen to be on the island) must defeat the villains and save everyone.

It’s a mostly pointless story like how most of the Naruto movies were stupid and pointless. Again, there are no connections with the main series and thus, no consequences. The status quo remains the same and nothing changes.

The animation was fine. Usually, I expect movies to have substantially better animation than the television show. Here, the action scenes were good, but animation was generally about the same as in the show.

Overall, unless you are a die hard My Hero Academia fan, you can skip this movie.

Score: 6.5/10

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