Restaurant Review: Kopitiam

Details: 151 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002. Official site is

Score: 6/10

Kopitiam is a Singaporean restaurant whose best items are probably the Singaporean snacks and drinks.

So there aren’t really that many Singaporean restaurants in New York City. That’s mostly because Singaporean food isn’t that original in that it takes heavy influences from various other nations. It’s a port city after all and center of trade. “Singaporean” food is really Malaysian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, and other regionally influenced foods.

I had the Nasi Lemak, Kaya toast, and an iced Teh Tarik for a total of $19.05 after tax. The Nasi Lemak was a small portion and was missing a lot of the things you’d expect from Nasi Lemak. No curry portion and no fried anything. It was just fried anchovies on coconut rice, with some cucumber and sambal. The portion was small, too.

Kaya toast was fine. I think it cost around five or six dollars. Pretty expensive for toast, jam and butter. The Teh Tarik was just slightly sweetened black milk tea. It was also okay and cost around five dollars I think.

The interior was comfortable and service was nice. Keep in mind that there is no waiter service and you are expected to clean up after yourself.

Overall, the food was okay, but way too expensive. you’re paying like ten dollars for an amount of food that should be five and you’re paying five dollars for toast and jam. I’m probably not coming back. This is a cute place for a date though.

Score: 6/10

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