Manhwa Review: The Gamer

Details: The series currently has around fifty something issues and is ongoing. Official site is

Score: 6.7/10

I’ve always loved comic books. I loved American comics first. Then I moved on to Japanese manga. Now, I’ve begun to enjoy Korean manhwa. The Gamer is a Korean web comic about a person with super powers similar to that of a video game character.

The Gamer is a comic book that takes ample notes from the Japanese isekai genre. Isekai is basically when the protagonist gets transported to another world. Normally, this new world is a fantasy world similar to something you’d see in Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons. Further, the world often operates under the rules of a video game, with each character having numerical stat points and levels reflective of their power.

The Gamer takes place in Korea. In this world, many people have supernatural abilities and this has been going on since the beginning of time. All these super powered people belong to the global organization known as the Abyss. The story focuses on the character of Jihan, a Korean high school student who loves online role-playing video games. He wakes up one day with powers that are like that of a video game character. He can learn magic spells, he can see other people’s level, he absorbs the knowledge of books just by touching them, and he can work out and permanently gain proficiency and strength that never waivers. He also has a bunch of other video game related powers. After gaining his powers, he must now navigate the brutal world of the Abyss and try to survive.

This is a relatively lighthearted series. Though there are some serious moments, the protagonist is never truly in any danger. The biggest attraction of this series is to watch the overly powered protagonist constantly use his overwhelming power to defeat a constant string of enemies. This is a comic that serves as wish fulfillment for anyone who’s ever played a video game.

Similar to a video game, the protagonist constantly grinds in order to level up his abilities. A big draw is just seeing him discover new, over powered abilities each time he trains. He uses these abilities in combat, but also in real life. For example, Jihan is beyond rich in real life because each enemy he defeats drops real money.

Another big draw is also the world that this comic explores. All mythologies are real in this book and organizations developed from those mythologies. I don’t know much about Korean mythology and fairy tales, but the story draws a lot from those stories. It’s interesting to see.

The art is cartoon-y, but good enough.

Overall, this is a fun comic and an easy recommendation to anyone who enjoys isekai or online video games.

Score: 6.7/10

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