TV Show Review: The Punisher, Season 2

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Score: 7/10

And so ends the era of Marvel shows on Netflix. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but if you use your common sense, obviously Disney forced Netflix to end all their shows to weaken a competitor in lieu or Disney’s own online streaming service. If you ever needed evidence of what a trash company Disney is, all you have to do is remember they canceled Daredevil.

Anyways, season two of The Punisher is the unlikely swan song for Netflix-Marvel shows. I found the season entertaining and in line with what you’d expect from the character of Frank Castle.

Due to his deal with the federal government in season one, Frank Castle now has a clean slate and is traveling the country. Along the way he gets mixed up in some shenangians where a crazy priest and some murderous hitman begin to hunt him. Add in that his friend turned traitor, Billy Russo, wakes up from his coma, escapes custody and starts his own rampage. Now, Frank must stop the mercenaries as well as Russo in the only way he knows how: he’ll kill them.

The plot is paper thin, but Bernthal’s performance carries the show as usual. I will say that the action is far better choreographed than in the prior season. It’s not “gun-fu” a la Keanu Reeves, but it’s pretty good.

Overall, it’s a fun action romp with a lot of guns. It’s reminiscent of those old eighties action flicks like Death Wish and Rambo. There’s not much more to say other than if you like guns and action, you’ll enjoy this.

Score: 7/10

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