TV Show Review: The Good Place, Season 3

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Score: 7.3/10

The Good Place is one of the most reliable, funny, and clever sitcoms on television. It takes thoughtful subject matter and makes it funny instead of overly dramatic.

In this third season, the gang has been sent back to Earth to relive their lives in the hopes of proving that they can become good people and finally get into the Good Place. Unfortunately, things go haywire and Ted Danson’s character needs to intervene yet again.

In this season, there are a number of philosophical questions that are touched upon and sort of explored. What I love most about this show is despite the existential questions, this is primarily a comedy first. The show didn’t really make me laugh out loud, but I do enjoy almost all of the jokes because of just how clever they are in the context of this show about the afterlife.

With that said, I really appreciate the focus on a season long, overarching story line. This isn’t a show like Friends or Seinfeld where each episode generally stands independently from any season long plot line. It doesn’t do those short two or three episode story arcs

The cast is as good as always. As in most sitcoms, a cast that can play off each other is invaluable. The cast does that well here, though I wish there were some more developments with their characters. I feel like their characters are one note. On the other hand, characters like Robert Barone, Joey Tribbiani, and Kramer are sort of one note as well. I guess that’s just par for the course for sitcoms.

Overall, this was an entertaining season and I look forward to how they tackle the next one. In my opinion, The Good Place is a show that is up there with shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other great sitcoms that are currently airing.

Score: 7.3/10

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