Manga Review: Dr. Stone

Details: First issue was published in 2017. There are currently eighty-seven issues and the series is ongoing. Official English site is

Score: 7.4/10

Science! Dr. Stone is a shounen manga (target audience is young boys, like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto) that is mostly funny and educational. There is drama present and does a good job moving the story forward, but the main attractions are the humor and how the protagonist will adapt modern technology in a prehistoric time. The series often reminds me of those YouTube videos that try to recreate primitive technology in the wild.

Dr. Stone starts in present day Japan. A bright light flashes over the world and everyone is turned into stone. Thousands of years pass and the modern world is washed away and taken by nature again. Somehow, two Japanese students are randomly reawakened. These two are no ordinary kids. One kid is a Pacifist with irrational toughness, the other is a kid who has devoted himself to science. Together, they seek to revive humanity, recreate modern society as well as all the scientific developments of that time.

While the story at first focuses on the two of them, it later becomes clear that the science kid, named Senku, is the star of the show. As they seek to revive other humans and rebuild society, they systematically encounter all the obstacles humanity had encountered before and Senku repeatedly uses science to overcome them.

One thing I really like is the educational part of the story. Everytime Senku tries to recreate a new technology, they briefly go into how it was invented and made. It’s not thorough enough to fully comprehend, but the explanations are accurate enough that if you wanted to go Google the details, you could. It’s always cool seeing how a complex piece of technology can be broken down into its individual parts and explained.

They story does have ample drama and those big dramatic points broadly motivate the story arcs. Between the drama, comedy reigns. There are a lot of jokes and they are all pretty hilarious. Worth mentioning is the ridiculous facial expressions the author draws in. Very funny.

Overall, this is a great series that does not rely on the traditional plot crutches of action, romance, or drama. Instead, we rely on humor and science!

Score: 7.4/10

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