Comic Book Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Details: First issue was published in 2016. The series is still ongoing. Official site is

Score: 5/10

For whatever reason, someone decided to revive the Power Rangers franchise in a comic book. The resulting book is okay, though a lot of it is filled with tons of meaningless text and pointless plot developments. The story doesn’t really get decent until many issues later.

The series focuses on the original team of the American version of the Power Rangers. Tommy has just resisted Rita Replusa’s  brain washing and has joined the Power Rangers in fighting evil.

Most of the beginning issues aren’t very good. Things don’t get entertaining until they are confronted by an evil Power Ranger from an alternate dimension. The story then turns into a multi-dimensional, time traveling series where every incarnation of the American Power Rangers series joins in to battle this evil Power Ranger.

The art is just okay. The dialogue is mostly boring and ridiculous.

Overall, this was a slog to get through. I really tried to give is a chance, but this series was not that good. I liked the plot twists, but it still wasn’t enough to salvage this series. It’s just poorly written.

Score: 5/10

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