Comic Book Review: Old Man Logan

Details: First issue was published in 2016. The series ended at issue fifty, but will continue and be concluded in an unreleased subsequent series. Official site is

Score: 7.6/10

When I first saw Old Man Logan was being made into a new series, I was worried that they were going to misconstrue Mark Millar’s fan favorite character and pervert it. Fortunately, that was no the case. Old Man Logan continues the story of an old Wolverine being time displaced into the present Marvel continuity.

Old Man Logan is a character created by Mark Millar. He wrote a short miniseries of a future where all the heroes were killed by the villains and Wolverine is the only one who survives. Wolverine takes a vow of nonviolence until the inbred descendants of the Hulk kill his family. After killing the Hulk and all his inbred relatives, Wolverine takes an infant survivor of Hulk’s family and rides into the sunset in order to raise him right.

After the events of Secret Wars, Old Man Logan get transported into the main Marvel Comics continuity and must try to make his life there. At first, it’s hard going for Old Logan until he meets the X-Men, who were dead in his timeline. Old Logan rejoins the X-Men, who are elated to see him since the Wolverine of this continuity died not too long ago. Now Wolverine takes up being a super hero again while battling the demons he got from his continuity.

Old Man Logan was a wildly popular character so it’s not surprising that Marvel would want to milk this cash cow a little more. What is surprising is that this is a pretty good series. It’s definitely adult, which any Wolverine series must be. Lots of people get killed in gory ways.

A substantial part of this story is just Wolverine reconciling his on trauma with this world where the trauma never happened. He goes to find people who he loved and died in his world and are still alive in this world. Trouble follows him and things get gruesome. It’s an adult story about trauma, loss, and anger.

The art is pretty damn good for the most part. Some parts dip, but it’s mostly great.

Overall, this is was a really entertaining series. It’s one part elseworlds, one part main continuity since this is an alternate Wolverine in the main Marvel continuity.

Score: 7.6/10

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