Video Game Review: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Details: Originally released in 2006. The HD release was in 2016 for the Wii U. Beat the game in about 33 hours. Official site is

Score: 7.4/10

The biggest flaw with this game is mostly due to Breath of the Wild being the superior game and I having played that game first. This is still a fun game, but after playing Breath of the Wild, this is definitely a game that you can skip without fear of missing out on anything.

As with all Zelda games, Twilight Princess takes place in the land of Hyrule. You play Link, a young man in a small village. Darkness descends upon the land and threatens your village. You must now begin a journey across Hyrule to defeat this darkness and save the kingdom.

Zelda is essentially and action game. Throughout the game you discover new items that unlock more gameplay mechanics.

This game follows the same basic structure as all Zelda games. You play in a large world, though not open world as you have to transition between areas so that they can load. There are various dungeons each with their own puzzles and bosses you must solve and defeat. The puzzles were okay, but I found myself being bored from the dungeons about halfway through the game. The game tries to add variety, but the dungeons just end up feeling homogeneous and I just felt tired of trying to find keys and open doors. In comparison to Breath of the Wild, there are more dungeons here, which is good, but the dungeons in Breath of the Wild had that new mechanic where you could control the entire structure of the dungeon.

Additionally, the villains all involved their own gimmicks that required the use of the new item that each dungeon unlocks, but it’s still just attack a specific target on a boss over and over again.

An improvement over Breath of the Wild is that there is an actual, linear story being told. Unfortunately, that means that the game itself is mostly linear. The freedom to go and do whatever I wanted in whatever order was one of the best parts of Breath of the Wild. Twilight Princess forces players to go through the game in a specific order.

Visually, the game is fine. This is the HD remake so the game certainly looks good enough for players to get through without hurting their eyes. It’s a more realistic art style, which I don’t really like that much. I preferred the more cartoon-y style of Breath of the Wild, and even the more cartoon-y style of Wind Waker.

I loved the music in this game. One of the best in the Zelda franchise.

Overall, the game was fun. If you love Zelda, then you can rest easy knowing the gameplay is not outdated for 2018. If you’re not a die hard fan of the Zelda franchise, you can skip this game. There isn’t anything here that is all that special or original.

Score: 7.4/10

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