Comic Book Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us

The above clip is just a preview for Grounds Zeroes I found on the DC Comics YouTube page.

Details: This is a review of all Injustice: Gods Among Us series. There are six series with each series ranging from twenty-four to forty issues. The six series are Year One through Year Five and Ground Zeroes. Official site is

Score: 6.3/10

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a surprisingly successful comic book series based on the video game of the same name. What’s so surprising about this series is just how successful it was and how much people enjoyed a derivative series based off another property. Usually, these things aren’t all that entertaining, but this series was really fun for a lot of people. I just thought it was okay.

Gods Among Us takes place in the same alternate DC Comics universe as in the video game. In this universe, the Joker kills Lois Lane and nukes Metropolis. Superman then goes mad and becomes a totalitarian dictator in the hopes of controlling the entire world. Lots of heroes and villains are killed off by Superman in his quest. It is at this point that this world’s Batman, the leader of the resistance, contacts a good Justice League from an alternate universe to come pacify this evil Superman. They good Justice League wins and Superman is imprisoned. The comic book tells the story of what happened five years prior to the good Justice League beating fascist Superman.

Year One and Year Two of this series were all right to me. Year Three not to great. Year Four and Five are a little better.

The primary draws of this books are watching the good guys lose. Batman comes up with a plan to beat evil Superman and it generally falls apart with lots of people dying to Superman. Lots of fan favorite heroes and villains are constantly being killed off on a whim. Some of them are particularly messed up. The entertainment value is just trying to figure out who. Surprise surprise, the characters that make it into the games survive, everyone else dies.

The art varies. There are a ton of artists that draw a couple of issues throughout all the series. Some of it great. Some of it’s not.

Overall, I thought this was a flimsy series. Some parts of the story are great and really give depth to the characters. Some of them are just weirdly irrelevant stories that I didn’t really want to continue reading.

Score: 6.3/10

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