Video Game Review: Hitman

Details: Only the campaign can be played offline, no challenges, unlocks, etc. As such, a substantial amount of this kind requires a constant internet connection. Initially released in 2016. Hitman is an episodic game with six episodes and some downloadable content. I bought all the episodes and downloadable content on Steam for about twelve dollars in a bundle. There was a sale in addition to getting episodes one and two for free during giveaways. Spent about twenty-two hours playing through it on the PC. Official site is

Score: 6.5/10

I would’ve given this game a 7/10, but the mandatory internet connection for a single player experience was just stupid. Otherwise, Hitman is a fun game that focuses on stealth and infiltration. The primary enjoyment a person will get from this game depends on whether they enjoy playing challenge maps over and over again. If you prefer story driven single player experiences, this is not the game for you.

Hitman doesn’t really have much story. You play a master hit man who must assassinate various targets ideally without getting caught.

The primary draw of this game is the Mouse Trap board game like structure to the game. There are six levels (seven if you consider the training level) which take place in six cities. In each level there are multiple ways to achieve an objective and the player is given freedom to explore these levels and achieve objectives however they want.

Within each level there are “opportunities.” Each opportunity is a chain of events that you can follow to accomplish you’re objective. For example, one involves disguising yourself as a yoga instructor and throwing the target off a cliff when she enters a particularly unstable yoga position. Others are more complex and have multiples steps. All of them are somewhat entertaining and hilarious at times.

Controls are pretty much your standard third person stealth controls. Think Assassin’s Creed or Metal Gear Solid, except toned down. There is a lot more focus on stealth and infiltration versus action. What separates Hitman from other stealth games is the focus on not getting caught and the disguise system.

The disguise system let’s you knock out people and take their clothes, making you unnoticeable to a certain set of non-player characters in the game. Some characters will be able to still tell who you are. Otherwise, you can gain access to various places with each disguise.

Visually, the game is great to look at. It has a very specific, clean, minimalist style. The locations are very complex, though not as large as an actual city. The levels are just small portions of cities. Even so, each city is fairly large and filled with plenty of possibilities for finishing the mission.

What personally impressed me was the amount of non-player characters that were on screen at a given time. Furthermore, many of the characters have predetermined paths and interactions. You’ll often times find characters chatting with other characters unique conversations that don’t really have any relevance to your mission. Other times, they are essential to your mission.

Overall, I enjoyed this game, though is did feel a little lack luster, like they could have added more features or levels except that they ran out of time or budget. I took eleven hours to beat the main campaign in about eleven hours. I beat the Patient Zero DLC in about fours hours. I spent about seven hours playing through escalation missions (which are just challenge missions with no real narrative) and bonus missions (which is additional purchasable DLC). Though fun, I’m not excited for the sequel after playing this game.

Score: 6.5/10

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