Restaurant Review: Poke Bowl

Details: Located at 840 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Score: 6/10

There is a lot of saturation in the NYC food market for poke bowls. It feels like there’s a new poke spot opening up every other day. Poke Bowl offers something slightly different, but not substantially so.

The raw fish poke bowls at Poke Bowl are pretty much the same as other places. What’s different is that this place offers cooked options that other places don’t have. When you walk in, you see a few big pots of stewed meat stewing in front of you. I ordered the cooked pork and cooked salmon. Which were fine. They advertise the food as sort of Korean styled, but I’d say it’s more latin influenced.

Orders come in three sizes. Smallest size gets one protein, medium gets two, largest size gets three. Medium cost me about $13.00 after taxes.

Overall, the food was okay. The stewed meats were okay, but I still prefer Red Poke up the street that has Korean meats that are more Korean in my opinion.

Score: 6/10

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