Anime Review: Overlord III

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Score: 6.7/10

This season of Overlord was an improvement over the last and again made clear why this show is different from the rest.

Overlord is another isekai show where a Japanese teenager is transported into the fantasy world of a video game. What differentiates this show from the slew of other isekai anime is that the main character is villain, not a hero. The show goes through his evil machinations and how he deceives and conquers the people of the land rather than helps them.

Season three continues where season two left off and our evil protagonist decides to conquer the empire. There is some moderately horrific stuff going as good guy after good guy die to our protagonist. I wouldn’t say this is Human Centipede or Berserk level perverse and weird, but it’s in the same tone of perversion and screwed-up-ness. It’s definitely a lot milder, but their’ trying to achieve the same thing story wise.

The animation is better than last season’s dumpster fire, but still just okay.

Overall, the show is okay. It’s got a big enough fan following that I’m sure there will be another season. I wouldn’t feel bad about skipping this show in this saturated isekai anime market.

Score: 6.7/10

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