Video Game Review: Metro 2033 Redux

Details: Purchased along with Metro Last Light Redux in the Metro Redux bundle for $5.39 from Beat it in about seven hours. Played on the PC through Steam.

Score: 6.8/10

Metro 2033 Redux is an upgraded re-release of the original Metro 2033. The visuals are all upgraded and look pretty damn good. The game itself is a first person shooter horror game that takes place in a post apocalyptic Moscow.

The story takes place in the underground metro train system in Russia. The year is 2033 and the surface world is irradiated from nuclear war. Humanity has retreated underground and lives in Moscow’s underground train system. You play the character of Artyom, a young man given a mission from a Ranger to deliver something. Your quest to fulfill this mission requires exploration of this strange, sad world and of the great dangers humanity face.

Visually, this game looks great. This remake was released a couple of years ago, but definitely looks good enough to play now.

The gameplay is your standard first person shooter. You shoot stuff. That stuff dies. There are potential stealth portions at a lot of parts throughout the game.

The story is linear. There are some side things you can do, but mostly this game runs on rails. There are many cut scenes, which help tell the story. The story is fine.

Overall, this was an okay game. If you like Bioshock, Half-Life or any other horror oriented first person shooter, you’ll probably enjoy this. I would’ve given this a higher score, but personally, I don’t love horror first person shooter games. Metro 2033 Redux is still undoubtedly a good game.

Score: 6.8/10

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