Restaurant Review: Red Poke

Details: Located at 885 8th Ave. New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Score: 7.4/10

Red Poke is a chain of poke restaurants that just opened a new location near my office. I really like this place, more than I’ve liked other poke places and that’s because of the quality of food I’ve gotten here and because of the Korean spin they add to their poke.

You first order by grabbing a menu and a marker and filling it out as to what you want. You can order pre-made bowls or you can pick the ingredients yourself. They have cooked bowls and raw bowls.

If you want to make your own bowl, you start by picking a base (rice, quinoa, salad, and some other options). They you pick two proteins (you can get raw/cooked fish or Korean marinated meats). Then you pick from a bunch of other ingredients like seaweed, garlic, avocado, etc. There’s too many to name them all. Just know that some cost extra while many of them do not.

I tried the Ray Loves Grilled Salmon bowl and the Waikiki bowl. Both were fine, but I much prefer making my own. Medium sized bowls generally cost around twelve dollars after tax and large bowls cost a few dollars more. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve got here.

Service is good but that’s likely because they just opened this location. Time will tell whether the great service will continue.

Overall, this place is great. If you want raw fish poke, this place is good for that. If you want cooked meat/fish, you can get that here, too and with Korean marinades on the meat.

Score: 7.4/10

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