Bubble Tea Review: Tea’s Me Dear

Details: Located at 39-01 Main Street, Ste. 1, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is http://www.teasmedearny.com/

Score: 6/10

Teas Me Dear is another bubble tea place in New York City most noteworthy for is marketing. It’s trademarked mascot is a llama.

It’s fairly ordinary. It has all your standard stuff like tapioca, jelly, and cream. I will say that it is better than places that seal their drinks with plastic. This place like many of the newer generation bubble tea places has those specialized cup lids that ally a big straw, sips, and com with a built in resealable cap.

I ordered the cafe mocha jelly cream. the cafe mocha was okay… the jelly turned this drink into a monstrosity. I think I would’ve done better with just the cafe mocha or some other drink. I think I’m too old for jelly or tapioca. It cost around five dollars.

This specific location was small and had pretty much no seats. It was fashionably decorated though.

Overall, this place was okay.

Score: 6/10

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