Movie Review: Venom

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Score: 6/10

I’d read a lot of reviews for this movie before seeing it. Most of the reviews either hate on this movie or said that it was fun, but definitely not amazing. I belong to the latter camp.

Venom doesn’t seem to take place in any superhero cinematic universe. An Elon Musk type character flies a rocket into space, finding alien life on a meteor and bringer a few of them back to Earth. These life forms cannot survive on our planet alone and require hosts. Eddie Brock is journalist who, during an investigation, gets infected by one of the life forms named “Venom.” The Elon Musk character spends the rest of the movie trying to get the life form back from Eddie while also trying to destroy the world.

The best parts of this movie are the parts with Tom Hardy and Venom. This is a movie very reminiscent of Upgrade… which most people did not see. This is a buddy comedy movie where instead of the protagonists being cops or some other form of best friends, one’s an alien inhabiting the body of its human host. Venom’s got a sense of humor and Brock’s weird as well. Their quirky interaction was the best part of the film.

If not for the special effects, I’d say this was clearly a B movie. The visuals are really well done, like what you’d expect from a superhero movie.

Overall, this was not a great, but not a terrible movie. It’s you’re classic B grade movie. If you’re a hardcore comic book fan, then you likely won’t enjoy how little this character has to do with Spider-Man or other aspects of its comic book history. If you’re a movie goer who is looking for an action movie that is light, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, then this is a good movie to watch.

Score: 6/10

One thought on “Movie Review: Venom

  1. ttay213 January 4, 2019 / 10:25 am

    I can agree with some parts of this!
    I do think that Venom was poorly done in terms of lore and connecting with Spiderman- it was completely omitted, in fact.
    However I did enjoy it! I liked Venom’s character development and how he eventually warmed up to Eddie.
    What I didn’t like was the whole thing with the wife. How did you feel about that?

    I’d love to get your thoughts more in-depth!


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